God’s Dream for Your Life – Eight in a Series Song of Ascents

God’s Dream for Your Life
Good morning,
   This is the eighth in a series Song of Ascents Psalm 127. At the time of the writing of this Psalm, Solomon was about to embark on a project that would take years to accomplish so, he would need guidance from the God of his ancestors. Solomon would be filling a big set of shoes left by David his father unlike the path David followed. Potentially, this Psalm was written by his father to encourage the young man in the road ahead of him. Imagine, if you will, receiving the mantle of leadership over an entire nation and a set of instructions to build another person’s dream. What questions would you ask and what prayers would you pray? David had every confidence in Solomon and trusted him to fulfill a dream. In the same way, God has dreams for your life that transcend what we believe about ourselves.  God has every confidence in us and shows it by entrusting us with his most precious gift “our life”(2 Peter 1:3). As I share with you four points that I believe are important for the journey, I would like to challenge you, the reader, to awaken the dreams within your heart and find confidence to make them come to fruition.
Point 1 – Let God Orchestrate the Dreams of Your Life (Vs 1 and 2)
Each of us has, at one time or another, has had a dream(s) for our life; maybe, it is a dream job, house, a vacation, or a major goal. Regretfully, many dreams never came to fruition either because of a nay sayer, we were talked out of it by a well-meaning relative, or we just gave up on it. I’ve heard people say, “I had to give up my dreams to take care of _____” sadly, they never went back to the dream. Unfortunately, when give up on our dreams, a little part of us dies with it. Building the temple was King David’s dream and he had every intention of seeing it come to pass before he passed away.  However, David trusted God implicitly so, when the word came down that David was not the one to build the Temple but the son of his loins, it had to break David’s heart; but, he was obedient. In writing the words “Unless God is the builder, the labors work in vain that build it”, there must be an understanding that it does not mean we can’t do the project just that it won’t turn out right. Years ago, I told God exactly what I wanted to do in life and he responded by saying “what if I change the direction of your life”?
If the lesson of the tower of Babel should teach us anything, it should be: if God is not the orchestrator, we will build to glorify ourselves (Gen 11:1-9). Consider the dream of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker who started a TV ministry that reached an untold amount of people, in the building of Heritage USA as an example[1]. The two dreamed about building a resort for Christians as a place to go for respite, counseling, and healing in the late 1970’s.  What could honor God more? When we catch the fire of God, people will come along side especially, when our dream echos their sentiments. The danger is that when we lose site of God and build for our glory.  When we fall into sin, the Devil uses the opportunity to say, “I told you ___ is a hypocrit and shouldn’t listen to them”. We owe it to ourself, our family(ies), and those who follow us to live a life fully connected to the throneroom of God and live on our knees before God in prayer.
Point 2 – Prepare for your Dreams
Have you ever wondered why it was so important to the writer to notate David’s preparatory work for the Temple even though he would never see the completed project? It would have been very easy for David to throw his hands up and say, “fine I won’t do anything then; Solomon you are on your own”. If we never prepare for our dreams, God will have nothing to work with and the dream might never come to fruition. It is very easy to fall into complacency and then blame God when our dreams fizzle out because he didn’t come through like scripture promises (Prov 19:3). Making dreams come true is hard work and no one is going to fulfill our dreams if we do not do our part. Consider the two gifts of Adam and Eve’s boys: the one picked the best the other, the first thing he could find (Gen 4:4-7). There is a stark difference between something we worked very hard on and something we threw together. As a young boy, I boasted to my parents how much I liked putting models together and so, my dad got me a model of the Cutty Sark which was a British war ship from the 1800’s. When I opened the present at Christmas, my dad commented “if you do a good job on it, your mother can display it in the Livingroom”. What I heard was “Mom is going to display it in the living room” and I imagined how great it would be. So, I promptly opened the package to get started.  Those of you who build models of any kind know that these things take time to build and lots of patience which I had none of. I ended up slapping the project together and it showed. I complained to my dad that the product was bad. He simply said to me “you went too quickly”.  In the end, the ship never spent a day in the living room; instead, it was tossed out and my parents did not buy another model for me.  In the same way, when we do not put forth our best effort, we cannot expect that God is going to fulfill his promise.
When I first started writing about 8 years ago, I thought “the world needs to hear what God has to say to his creation”. From that thought, it was impressed on me the importance of what I wrote. My greatest dream is to be a source of encouragement for those around me and for those who read the words on my blog site. At first, my writing was horrible; after some college and practice, the writing became clearer and the words more alive. If I had not taken time to at least try to write and just let the thoughts in my mind go, you would never hear the encouragement from Heaven. The word of God itself is a dream that was conceived centuries ago. If the Prophets of the Old and New Testament had not taken time to do the ground work, we would not have this thing called a “Bible”. A thought came to me a few weeks ago and that is “what we do in life needs to create the pathway to the Kingdom of God for someone else to follow”. The Devil’s lie is “No one really cares”. If we listen to the lie, what we desire to create will go dormant and die.
Point 3 – Your choice: God’s Reward or Booby prize (Verse 3)?
There is a game show called “Let’s Make a Deal”. The contestants dress up in funny costumes in order to be recognized by the host. If you are recognized, you get the chance to play a game to win something; but, beware of the “Booby Prize” which is a joke prize meant to have fun with you. In the same way, God offers us real rewards through our family, the gifts he provides in raw form and, the talents we possess naturally.  What is at issue, is that gifts from God do not always present themselves as gifts because, he wants to see what we make of it.  As the father of a handi-capped child, I was presented with a gift that many would see as a curse because of the myriad of events that would occur. Matthew could not play the normal games of children and would never excel in sports so, we played using our imagination and by it created long lived memories seven years after he passed away.
God gives us children to bless us, to fulfill us, and to teach us about life in an unpredictable world. Too many children are left to their own vices today and we are paying the price for it. Across the memes of Facebook, we read about the Millennial Revolution that is turning our nation upside down. People have commented in not so pleasant terms about this group as to make them out to be the bad guy.  In all reality, we the previous generation are as much to fault as they are. In scripture, the term “last days” or “latter days” (days to follow) imply that something will happen as a result of choices made by the populace of that time (2 Timothy 3:2).  Those words should never be taken to mean “don’t try to stop the wave” simply, it means “live a life pleasing to God so that someone else may catch the fire (Galatians 1:10). Whether our children will fight against the world’s ways or fall in line with them, to some extent will depend on how we, the parents, live our life today.
Today, people work until they fall from exhaustion in an effort to buy things. I talked to a Mortgage lender at the bank where I work about the rising cost of mortgages.  He said, “Because people have expensive homes, doesn’t imply they have the money to afford it; it just means they would have to sacrifice something (usually the family)”. In America, it is illegal to be married to more than one wife but, that doesn’t stop us from being married to our job; Nor, does it stop us from overcommitting ourselves. I knew a Pastor some years ago that could not say “no” when asked for his help. The man would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it; however, as the number of balls in the air increased, so did the propensity for something or someone to fall through the cracks. Unfortunately, the wrong thing falls through the cracks and that is the people who should be your first responsibility – your family.
Now, a dream is just a dream unless it is acted upon; that, is where Solomon came into play. Solomon had a few choices: act on the dream, dismiss the dream, or think about it. As we’ll find out, Solomon was faithful and completed the structure. I will get into what happened after the temple was finished in future writings.  In the same way that Solomon received David’s dream, we receive God’s dream for our lives and have the same choices as Solomon had. Dreams are important in our life as they give us purpose and something to strive for. No one can make a dream reality for us unless we put forth our own effort. Equally, dreams are lost due to our mis decisions or, selling our selves short. No one can make us give up on our dreams but, that doesn’t stop us from getting talked out of them. Today, just about every media outlet tells about the bad things in the world to the point of depression. I encourage you, my readers, to dream big dreams and find joy in your life today. Yes, the world is corrupt but, that gives us all the more reason to plant good things and find the joy in our salvation. Come walk with me!
Blessings for your day

[1]Emily Johnson. A Theme Park, a Scandal, and the Faded Ruins of a Televangelism Empire. Religion and Politics (10/28/2014. Accessed http://religionandpolitics.org/2014/10/28/a-theme-park-a-scandal-and-the-faded-ruins-of-a-televangelism-empire/

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