Salvations Fractured Story – Introduction

Salvation’s Fractured Story


Good morning
Today, I am starting new series called “Salvation’s Fractured Story”. The purpose of the writings is to encourage the reader in their walk with the Lord. Over the next few months, I will be presenting four to five different segments that tie into the overall series. It is my firm belief that many read what God’s word has to say and never fully comprehend the implications, the residual outcomes, and the way things change over time.  I believe with all my heart that these writings are foundational to not only walking with the Lord but growing up in Him in an ever changing world. My prayer is that you will walk with me in this journey and that you will find valuable nuggets for your life and maybe find the missing piece that have alluded you for years. With that, I give you Salvation’s Fractured Story.
  Thank you for the awsome priveledge to write what you would have me to share with all who read this and succeeding documents. Doubtless, many have face insurmountable difficulties and have found no comfort from your word. My hope is that what you have to say will clear up those troubled areas and give the person a fresh perspective.  Holy Spirit please guide my hands and my mind that what I put out on these pages be what the Father would have the world to hear. I know that all things are possible for those who believe and so, I believe you will guide me and those who follow. May you receive all of the glory and honor. I pray that those who read this material will be blessed and encouraged.

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