Morning Encouragement – In the Midst of Storms

Morning Encouragement

In the Midst of Struggles

Good morning,
Struggles, like storms, are a necessary evil in our life. As much as we would rather that they never came around and try with all of our might to avoid them, they grow us and mature our faith. God’s plans, as the book of Job brings out, are not laid out in their entirety because, if they were, we would not walk in faith; because, knowing the full plan, would lead us to become arrogant in our walk with God. I think of the disciples leading up to the day of the crucifixion and beyond. These men and women had sat under Jesus’ tutelage for the 3 ½ years and were still caught off guard by the events in the garden. As bad as the night was, it paled in comparison to the dawning of a new day. My encouragement for you today as you face the trials and storms of life is, never lose sight of the one who holds you in the palms of his hand. The trials and storms are not sent to ruin you rather, they are sent to grow you.
Your way [of escape for Your people] was through the sea,
And Your paths through the great waters,
And Your footprints were not traceable (Psalms 77:8).
  Thank you for my friends, family, and those who read these posts. I know that you have a plan for everyone on planet earth. When the storms ravage our lives, the Devil will always tell us “we are finished”; yet, you tell us “that’s just round 1”. Be with these good people today, my Lord, in everything they go through especially with those who are facing steep crisis’ in their lives. Being a child of God doesn’t grant us absolution from the trials rather, it just means more of them; this isn’t meant to scare us away from you rather, it is meant to develop us for all that life has in store for us.  Watch over my friends, family, and readers today and every day.
In Jesus’ Name

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