Morning Encouragement – Needless Fear

Morning Encouragement

Needless Fear

Good morning,
Man, throughout all time, has had fears of what his/her world is coming to and have turned to religion for answers; unfortunately, they did not stay the course. On 9/11/2001 when the towers were brought down by terrorist attacks, people flocked to the churches for prayer and consolation. When the events were over, the people walked away from the church and life went on its merry way. Unfortunately, the use of “fear” is not sustainable for reaching people for Christ; because, eventually, the purported problems will pass away and the people will become disenchanted. Consider the “speed limit signs”, these signs tell the driver what the maximum speed is on any given road; if you chose to go faster than the given speed limit, you are breaking the law and the implication is, “you will get a ticket eventually”. Only when a traffic cop is sitting on the side of the road, will the drivers be obedient to the stated limit and then only long enough to get past the officer. Those of you who have received a traffic ticket understand the angst it causes, and you might have promised you would never speed again. For a time, you honor your vows until you forget about the ticket and do what everybody else is doing. This is the problem I see with fear-based teachings like, the last days, four blood moons, the rapture of the church, and the tribulation when the trouble passes, and all troubles do, the people will walk out of fellowship; Look at what happened in Nineveh (Jonah 4). My encouragement for your walk today is that you will look past all of the hype and hysteria and find deeper reasons for your love for our Lord Jesus. In doing so your walk will take on new meaning and you will have the courage to face any storm that comes against you.
In response to the reading of the law, the Levites quieted all the people, saying, “Be still, for the day is holy; do not be worried.” 12 Then all the people went on their way to eat, to drink, to send portions [of food to others] and to celebrate a great festival because they understood the words which had been [c]communicated to them (Nehemiah 8:11-12)
  I thank you for your great love for mankind. Your greatest desire for our life is that we would live joy-filled lives. Tragically, mankind is capable of making a walk with you more complicated than it needs to be. You are not a god that wants us to be afraid of you nor, do you teach fear. Rather, you teach us about your love and the reasons for obedience in all things. You teach us these things not so that we can make it into Heaven but, rather that we live free of fear for the future.  May your good Spirit guide us today and always.
In His Name

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