Morning Encouragement – Happy Thanksgiving

Morning Encouragement

Happy Thanksgiving

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving!
Today would be a great day to tell everyone “Happy Thanksgiving”; yet, with the world events riding a roller-coaster, violence in every known corner of the world, and the disasters that pervade our world, it would be safe to say, “Thanks for nothing”! Saying “Thank you”, is not just a pleasantry, it recognizes the gifts we have received knowing that we did not buy them our self. When our focus is on the disasters of our life and not on the gifts we hold in our hands, we become ungrateful and unthankful. Truthfully, it is by far easier to be thankful when the winds of providence are in our favor then it is when the skies above us become bronze and the grounds beneath us become hard as iron (Deuteronomy 28:23). God’s word says that we should be thankful in season and out for a reason which is so that we can survive in this world and never lose focus on the Father.  The Devil loves nothing more than for our attitude to be mired by the disasters so that we stop trusting God, become bitter and then has become useless as salt that is no longer salient (Mark 9:50). My encouragement for you today is, that you will find a reason to be thankful even in your darkest hours. My heart goes out to those who are facing dire circumstances today either because of illness, destruction or, any other thing that eats away at your joy. I want to hear from you today if there is a specific prayer need or, just need a word of encouragement.
Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.
For the LORD is the great God, the great King above all gods. Psalms 98:2-3
Thank you for this season of our lives. In our world, we have witnessed countless acts of destruction and death that fly in the face of your word. I pray for the people in Paradise, CA whose entire town was destroyed by the wildfire, for the people who are ill, the families who have lost loved ones in recent days, and for the world at large. May your good Spirit guide us today and always.
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