ENCOURAGEMENT FOR 2019 – the double-sided Mirror

Good morning,

In just about every carnival, there is usually a “fun house” in which there are many different mirrors of various sizes, material composition, and refraction. These mirrors are altered in such a way as to grossly misrepresent what the person standing in front of the mirror looks like. People go to these Fun Houses for entertainment value. In similar ways, our adversary, the Devil, leads us through fun houses “our daily life” placing mirrors which play on our ego or weaknesses for his entertainment and our emotional demise. It was this side of the mirror that led David to call for a census that would ultimately lead to the nation being decimated (1st Chronicles 21 and 2nd Samuel 24).

Unlike carnival Funhouses, the mirrors the Devil uses plays on our minds like a broken record. Consider David’s indiscretion with Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11). When David first saw her bathing, the mirror of “lust” played on David’s mind long before they spent the night together. Once the wheels were in motion, the Devil simply replaced the mirror of lust with the mirror of guilt; from guilt to desperation; from desperation to murder which is the reverse of 2nd Peter 1:5-7. Like a master play director, he changes the mirrors seamlessly and always in the dark. In the same way that David was led down the primrose path, the Devil leads us also. For this reason, we see otherwise intelligent people committing the most unthinkable things.

The part that the Devil does not want you to know about his fun house is that there is an opposite side. This side of the mirror is how God sees us and the circumstances surrounding our life. God does not give us a different set of mirrors nor does he sell us on a dream. He tells us the truth about who we are right where we are. The reason he does this is to grow us and help us to conquer the pitfalls of our life. Consider Peter in the days following the biggest flop of his life. From this big flop, he was restored and would be asked to take care of the fledgling group through the storms to come which was a special honor for Peter. In the same way that Peter was restored, many millions over the past 2000 plus years have come to know this savior and have not regretted it (John 21: 1-19). The good thing about both sides of the mirror is that we see ourselves with much greater clarity; that is, we can see our weaknesses and can come to grips with our failures; it is these very weaknesses, after all, that brings us to the throne room of God. We may not like what we see and may even try to run away from it or try to justify it away sort of like when Jonah ran away from his assigned mission (Jonah 1). Yet, when we come to God, he turns the mirror around so that we can see that our fall, however bad as it appears to be or as painful as it is, it is no match for God’s grace and forgiveness.

You can look in the mirror and find a million things wrong with yourself. Or you can look in the mirror and think, ‘I feel good, I have my health, and I’m so blessed.’ That’s the way I choose to look at it.” Isla Fisher “If you do not like who you are, you will never like what you will become.” Mike Krier

Thank you for helping me to see who I really am in you. The world looks for perfect people and encourages people to change our natural beauty for a made-up look in order to win approval. Yet, you see our flaws and all and still love us. Help me never to forget that even the Devil’s lies have an element of truth however small or twisted it might be; in view of this, help me to pray through those areas and not try to hide them. Please help me to see others as well as myself through your side of the mirror; while it does not make the bad go away, it will help me to deal with the issues in the light of truth and make inroads to healing. Watch over my family, friends, and nation today and every day.

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