Daily Psalm 4/15/2021

To You belongs silence [the submissive wonder of reverence], and [it bursts into] praise in Zion, O God; And to You, the vow shall be performed. O You who hear prayer, To You all mankind comes. Wickedness and guilt prevail against me; Yet as for our transgressions, You forgive them [removing them from Your sight] (Psalms 65:1-3).

Being forgiven of the sins that offend G_d is not done because we were worthy of it. Rather, they were forgiven because of the cross. When Jesus went to the cross over 2000 years ago, either he had to die or the priests would have to confess their sinfulness to Ceasar and be rightfully crucified (John 11:50). Jesus was the “scapegoat” (Leviticus 16:10) and the Sanhedrin laid all of their sins on Jesus. Later in time members of the Sanhedrin joined the burgeoning movement of Christianity without having once confessed their sins (Acts 7:51-54). Since that fatal day, many have come to Jesus and like the Sanhedrin rode the bandwagon until its popularity waned and then they jumped off because it no longer suited their purpose. The thing is that for as many that jumped off, many more have come to the light to have their transgressions forgiven and passed the light to a new generation. Which group are you going to be in? In the words of John the Baptist “Prepare ye the way of the LORD make straight pathways through the dire mess of your life and reach out for peace by letting go of the hatred, bitterness, and bigotry (John 1:23).


You gave your word and it became flesh and dwelled among us. Darkness can not extinguish the light no matter how hard it tries (John 1:1-4). Through the dire situation of war, famine, plague, pandemic, and fear your light shines brightly for all the ships that are lost in the storms. My prayer today is for peace in my state, my USA, and the world around me. I know there are those in this world that want nothing to do with peace because it means they will lose whatever ground they think have gained. You O LORD are Sovereign in that you are not tied to one denomination, one people, one nation, or one class. I pray for my officers of the law and EMT, the families of George Floyd, Daunte Wright, our military members that are spread across the nation, and our elected officials. When we come to the light of your presence, the dark truths of our life and that of our nation will come to the surface so that they can be cleansed and healing can begin. Ma you be pleased with me today in Jesus’ Name.


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