Morning Encouragement for 8/18/2022

Good Morning,

In Judaism, the 110th division of Psalms is a reference to Abraham and his victorious battle to rescue his nephew from the hands of the Mesopotamian Kings (Genesis 14). If Abraham had stayed in Ur of the Chaldeans and ignored the call, he would never have to rescue Lot, never have to deal with anxiety over his aged wife being raped, nor would have to take his life in his hands. Simply he would have remained known as Abram. While this is good, consider what he would have lost, being presented with the Beulah land, holding the promised son Isaac and out of obedience watch the Lord’s deliverance and the birth of a nation. but he would also never know what it was to hold his son Isaac nor be presented with the “Beulah land”; remained known as Abram”the do nothing” and “the go no where” (Isaiah 30:7) He would have instead of Abraham the High Priest, King of Peace King of Righteousness. Obeying God’s call upon our life is not without peril, never without struggle, and is incomplete until the Lord says, “it is finished”. The first step in every work of the Lord is and will always be “obedience”. When we walk out in obedience, the Lord puts the plan together and at the end shows His glorious work in our life. When we are obedient and faithful to the Lord, people will follow us to the gates of hell itself because they have faith in us knowing that we would never let them down. Be encouraged my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Readings: Genesis 13, Psalms 110, Hebrews 12, John 16:19-33, proverbs 22:4-14.

Famous Quote: Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.”
― Charles Stanley


Being obedient is not easy for us humans because, it means acting on what we do not see, and listening to the G-d whose face we do not see. When Abram acted on faith that you would provide for his and his family’s needs, it was an act of obedience. The problem is, it is not the command “to leave” that was as problematic as it was the struggles they faced. When Israel left Egypt that was the easiest part of the whole journey because their past lay in rubbles behind them. The hardest part was going through a baron desert land hungry and thirsty when all they had to do was ask in faith and I know you would have provided. Please help me today to honor you in all that I do and walk in obedience to you. Please watch over my families today, guide and keep them. Thank you for the healing soaking rain that we received. I asked in faith for the land to be healed and you did your mighty work. Help me always to be a voice of encouragement. Please watch over our police, EMTs, military, elected leaders, my city of Stacy, my state of MN, and my USA. Please encourage your servants across all quadrants of this world to pray for the peace of their land.


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