Morning Encouragement for 8/21/2022

Good Morning!

Through out scripture, we are commanded to walk in obedience to the Lord. The problem we have is that we live in the world where God’s laws and commandments are meaningless. It’s bad enough to hear the clamor of the world but in our home, we should expect some amount of acceptance but it is not always so. if we only had to face our worst enemy, it would be more preferable than to face our family. I believe it is for this reason the disciples were sent home to their families to share the good news. If the teams could win at home, they could win everywhere they went. If the group capitulated to the whims of the family and violated God’s laws at home, never mind reaching the world. In the same way when we are called to do something for the Kingdom, we must settle it in our minds that “no matter what the world says, or how much our family disagrees with us, we will serve the Lord”. Many people start off on the path of salvation and proclaim their love for Jesus but the stress of the world pulls them down. Others come to the Lord just until ______ happens. Only a few by number stay the course and become all that the Lord has in mind for them. Where do you stand today?

Readings: Psalms 119:17-32, Matthew 22:1-13, Jeremiah 12:1-13, Proverbs 1:8-19, Deuteronomy 32:1-35.

Famous Quote: Although God’s people find many successes in the world, they must not fall prey to a spirit of pride. We succeed not because of our moral superiority but because of the faithfulness of our divine intercessor and because of the great mercy of God. – Author: Max Anders


Thank you for your unmerited grace and mercy. When we come to you on blended knee and our hearts submitted to you, you put us to use for your Kingdom. Help me today to honor you in all that I do. I pray for my nation today Lord. I know that wickedness has reached epic proportions but please do not destroy us. Help me to minister to lives through this medium that many more people will come to the Lord. I pray for our military, medical staff, EMTs, police, and front line workers who work each day putting their skill sets to work. I desire that revival break out across this nation to defeat the Prince of the power of air. I love you Lord may you be pleased with me.


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