Morning Encouragement for 12/09/2022

Good morning,

The Christmas story is unbelievable and unfathomable. After all, who would believe that the future king would be born to a peasant family? Wouldn’t it be more practical for the child to be born to a royal family like maybe Herod? When the wise men arrived in town looking for the Newborn king, it frightened Herod that there existed a possibility of losing the crown. This was the reason behind the slaying of infant males throughout Judah (Jeremiah 31:15, Matthew 1). Mary and Joseph came into town to register for the census and there was no place available. So, the couple was given the only place left remaining, a horse stable. No royal family in their right mind would accept such disgusting accommodations. Yet, this was a poor family that had very little to their name. When Jesus was born, Herod had no idea where he was that’s the reasoning behind asking the wise men to “tell me so I can …”. In the same way, when we come to the Lord and He births in us the Spirit of the Lord and we come to life, people will look at us and ask, “isn’t this ___ who was ___?”. You see, when the Spirit of the Lord is alive in us we do not change externally, we change internally” (Isaiah 53:2).

Readings: Jeremiah 31, Luke 1

Famous Quote: “Being born again means you have a new concept of yourself” – Dianne Cannon.


Thank you for this Christmas season. May it be a time of rebirth for our nation and world. Sin has destroyed this nation and only the blood of Jesus Christ can rebirth it. We need you more than we realize Lord and I pray for those who are seeking your face that you will show yourself to them in the face of servants. Help me today to be your servant and to walk in the power of the Lord. I pray that you will continue to shake the world and its elected leaders so that they may be silenced before you. I pray for the military, law enforcement, and EMT communities that you will be with every one of them and bring them safely home. I pray over our politicians that you will continue to shake them to their core with the message of the Ephod so that they fully understand whom they serve. I pray for the city of Stacy, the state of Minnesota, and the USA may your Spirit fall fresh upon us. I pray for the truckers who carry supplies to our communities. I thank you for healing our land with rain that refreshes the land and the storms that shake the heart of mankind. I pray for those who need a special touch from you today. Finally, I pray that my words will always be an encouragement to all who read these words in Jesus’ name I pray. May your peace be upon my family, city, state, nation, and world. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer (Psalms 19:14).


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