This is a compilation of previous writings. I hope that you will find encouragement from them

Changes Through the Seasons

The Great Pearl

All That Lies in the Background


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Encouragement for 2019 Victory

Encouragement for 2019 at Party’s End

Encouragement for 2019 Timshel

Encouragement for 2019 What’s Shaking Your Tree

Morning-Encouragement-Starting from Where we are

Morning Encouragement-The King of Glory

Morning Encouragement the Power of Prayer

Morning Encouragement Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Morning Encouragement Hostile Witness

Morning Encouragement Power Of The Oath

Morning Encouragement God’s Word on the Witness Stand

Morning Encouragement the Name by Which We are Called

Morning Encouragement The Crucible by Which We are Judged

Morning Encouragement All He has Done

Morning Encouragement God For Every Season

Morning Encouragement Needless Fear

Refiners Fire

In the Midst of Storms

Nagging Questions of the Heart

Lord of a New Day

The Many Paths to the Changeless God

Guard Your Heart

Listening to the Still Small Voice

The Secret of Giving

Roadblocks to Higher Ground

Morning Encouragement 8-5-2018

The Things We Cannot Control

Salvation’s Fractured Story – Happily Ever After? Not!

Salvation’s Fractured Story – Sin’s Mixed Up Economy

Salvation’s Fractured-Story – Introduction

Songs of Ascent #13 in a Series – Psalms 133-134 Unity in the Kingdom

Songs of Ascent # 12 in a Series – Psalms: 132 – God of a New Day

Songs of Ascent # 11 in a Series – Psalms: 131 – David’s Love Letter

Songs-of-Ascent #10 in a Series – The Wound The Pain and the Salve

Songs of Ascent #9 in a Series -psalms: 128 – In Fear of the Lord

Songs-of-Ascent #8 in a Series – God’s Dream for Your Life

The Camera of God’s Word

Songs of Ascent #7 in a Series – Picking Up the Pieces

Why God Why?

Time God’s Unheeded Metronome

Counting the Cost

The Country I Am So Proud Of

A New Perspective

Songs of Ascent #4 in a Series Psalms 123 – Running With Your Head Turned

Psalms: 137 Notes Of Encouragement

Songs of Ascent #2 in a Series Psalms 121 – The Prayer Elijah Should Have Prayed

Songs of Ascent #5 Psalms 124 in a Series – Strength For The Next Storm

Songs of Ascent #3 in a Series Psalms 122 – Defeating The Devil In Three Easy Steps

Psalms: 143 Encouragement

Songs of Ascent #1 in a Series Psalms 120 – Journey To The Temple

Songs of Ascent #6 in a Series – The Unshakable Mountain

What I Learned In The School Of Hard-knocks Bumps and Bruises