Prayer for Independence Day – DR. Lyndon Purifoy

Since I have been of voting age, I have for the most part been an independent, regardless of what my registration card may read. I have voted in presidential elections for both Republicans and Democrats. I have also voted by writing in a candidate’s name not on the ballot because both of the major party candidates were morally bankrupt and/or their political policies were guaranteed suicide for our country.
I will do so again.
I personally believe the American Church has committed Political and Moral suicide by entering into demonic covenants with both the Republican and Democrat Parties. We have annulled our authority to speak with any honest righteous clarity. That is something we must surely repent over before the harvest we reap becomes more than we can bear.
As Jesus clearly said, “My Kingdom is not of this world or else my disciples would fight.” Our problem is we are fighting the wrong enemy and the wrong war, with the wrong weapons.
I truly desire for God to protect and bless all of you who read this and all who are precious to you on this evil day.