What I learned in The School of Hard Knocks, Bumps, and Bruises

i have learned many life lessons in the past 50 years of my life.  Among them:

1.  life isn’t fair so get over it.

2.  I can’t always have everything my way and there is no need to waste time worrying about it.

3. Despite my very best efforts in life, I fail in many things.

4. There are things that are beyond my ability to change.

5. When you succeed in something, take time to enjoy the victory for you will need that feeling when you fail.

6. No one owes me a living, i have to earn it myself

7. Take time to enjoy the beautiful world God has made

8. Life can be a journey or the cause of eternal grief; depends on your view point.

9. If you look for the bad, bad is all you will ever find. If you look for good, good is all you will find.  I learned this from God’s word.

May you find joy in your life